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Sensorberg open source SDKs

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Sensorberg SDK

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Proximity services are currently beginning to reshape the existing models of customer relationship in a wide range of sectors. We believe this phenomenon has nothing to do with hype, and that the mainstay of what will soon be recognized as a revolution is the iBeacon technology.

Thus, as a Beacon service provider, our main goal is to provide you with a flexible cross-platform solution, which can be easily and quickly implemented but also extensively customized.

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Open source SDKs

Android SDK iOS SDK
Advanced scanning 1 check provided by iOS
Battery-efficient background scanning 2 check provided by iOS
Offline caching 3 check check
Offline reporting 4 check check
Customization 5 check check
Integrate Android SDK Integrate iOS SDK
Advanced scanning 1
Android SDKcheck
iOS SDK ( provided by iOS )
Battery-efficient background scanning 2
Android SDKcheck
iOS SDK ( provided by iOS )
Offline caching 3, Offline reporting 4, Customization 5
Android SDK check
iOS SDK check

1. Advanced scanning: The scanner of the SDK enables any app to detect iBeacon compliant Beacons on BLE-capable Android devices.

2. Battery-efficient background scanning: Scanner is designed to have the least possible impact on the battery: it scans less frequently when app is in the background and increases frequency when app is in foreground.

3. Offline caching: Our SDK includes an offline caching functionality. It means that internet connectivity is not required in the area where your Beacons are installed. The app remembers predefined actions when seeing a Beacon and updates its layout every time it has internet connectivity.

4. Offline reporting: Our SDK saves which Beacons it saw since the last report and will remember them until internet connectivity is restored to report them.

5. Customization: We provide an SDK with maximum room for individualization. Easily embed your own notifications!

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Truly open licence

All our open source projects are MIT licensed, giving you the most freedom for your projects.

Proven solution

Our SDK has been improved constantly over the last year and is deployed on thousands of devices.

Easy deployment

Deploy the Resolver service on any machine with a Java Runtime. No Apache, JBoss or other application server needed.

Flexible integration

Integrate the Android SDK and maintain full control over the UI of your proximity interaction.

Superior support

Contact us with any questions you have, we have real people answering you sales/technical questions.

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