A New Android SDK version is Here!

The Sensorberg Android Team is Excited to Announce a New SDK Version.

It has been a long time in the works… The Android team has be toiling away. The 1.2.0 and forthcoming 2.0.0 release changes have/will mainly focus on refactoring changes, rather than new functionality. The SDK needed a big spring cleaning, so for the past few months we have been trimming, cleaning and reworking to make the SDK even better, lighter and easier to use.

Some Highlights of 1.2.0:

  • We have added an advertiser id with added control of the ID (which will be discussed in a separate blog).
  • We added much need coverage to our unit tests..

The SDK can be found on bintray at: Android 1.2.0 SDK

To use it, you can just change the sdk version in your build.gradle.

For Example:

compile 'com.sensorberg.sdk:android-sdk:1.2.0'

We have also updated the Showcase Application. You shouldn’t notice any funtionality changes, as usual if you find any issues please let us know! The showcase can be found here: Android Showcase App on Google Play.

-The Sensorberg Android Team