This is currently a work in progress and will be released soon!

Since we are focussing on providing the best experience for developers, integration partners and end-users as well as easing integration problems, we are offering a certification program for mobile app integrations.

This program is offering the following benefits:

For developers

  • The results of the technical integration work will be reviewed by our experts
  • The developers can rely on the integration
  • The developers will be notified of upcoming changes

For operators

  • Sensorberg will handle the technical problems for all interactions on the physical device via the SDK or API
  • You get more functionality, reliability and stability, by just updating the SDK
  • You can integrate us into your 2nd level support pipeline

For end-users

  • Stable and fast support
  • More frequent updates, which leads to reliable and stable interactions with the building

It is not required to become certified, but we highly recommend it - since this solves a lot of problems, before they ever appear.

How to become a certified mobile app integration?

  1. Ensure, that your integration covers all required use-cases.
  2. Clarify possible questions regarding the integration with us.
  3. Test your app with the hardware in your dedicated Sensorberg staging environment.
  4. Send a mail to support@sensorberg.com, including screencasts show of your tests.
  5. Get confirmation, that we certified your mobile app integration.

What do we provide for you?

  1. Basic package of hardware
  2. A dedicated backend to cover your tests
  3. Support during integration work via our community

What do you need to stay certified?

  1. Ensure that the integrated use-cases are working for each release, by taking video of the interactions including:

    • a video for each use-case on iOS and on Android
    • a timestamp, which proves the date of the recording
    • a version number of your app and our SDK, which indicates the current version
    • the name of the mobile phone and user you used for the tests
  2. Follow our channel for updates in our community and update your app within 2 weeks of an SDK update release

  3. Help actively identify bugs, which might be related to the way the integration was done in your application.