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Cobot is offering a coworking management software. You can use Cobot to manage you whole coworking space.

We are offering two types of integrations with Cobot, which can be used separately - but they offer the most benefits for you and your users, if activated both.

So let’s get started!


If you wish to use our mobile app and want to keep your customer data at Cobot, we are offering you to set up Cobot for sign into the mobile client.

To enable this feature in your SmartSpace installation, please create the required client_id and client_secret at Cobot with the following information:

  • Name: SmartSpace: Mobile app login
  • Main Application URL: (the URL of your website)
  • Scope: me

After you created the application, you are presented with some details. Please store the “Client ID” and “Client secret” for later usage.

Now you simply need to add a new mobile app with the following information in the SmartSpace backend:

  • Name: SmartSpace Mobile Application (can be changed freely)
  • Authentication type: External OAuth2 Provider
  • OAuth Provider: Cobot
  • Client ID: $your-client-id (the one from Cobot)
  • Client Secret: $your-client-secret (the one from Cobot)

The other details can be left blank or default.

That’s all! Now you are good to go to use this mobile app, so users can log into the app with their Cobot account.


The above login integration is a powerful way to use the application for all users. But it’s not offering the ease of mind to handle all settings directly in Cobot.

With the following sychronisation functionality, you can set up your SmartSpace in a way, that it follows your Cobot settings. So all you have to do are the normal steps in Cobot and your SmartSpace will take care of the rest.

Your SmartSpace will:

  • Synchronize all memberships and user details from your Cobot installation
  • Synchronize access permissions based on your Cobot plans (can be disabled)
  • Synchronize access permissions based on individual given rights in Cobots customs fields (can be disabled)
  • Automatically check-in members if they are entering a building

For enabling those features, you need to create another application at Cobot (because we’ll use different access rights).

So please use the following details at Cobot to create the synchronisation application:

  • Name: SmartSpace: Synchronisation
  • Main Application URL: (the URL of your website)
  • Redirect URI: https://$
  • Scope: navigation read read_custom_fields read_memberships read_plans read_user write write_custom_fields If you have questions why we need those permissions, please contact us directly

Please store the “Client ID” and “Client secret” for later usage after saving the application.

Now you can create a new Cobot Integration in the SmartSpace backend with the following information:

  • Name: Cobot Synchronisation (can be changed)
  • Subdomain: $ (the subdomain part of your installation)
  • OAuth Client ID: $your-client-id (the one from Cobot)
  • OAuth Client Secret: $your-client-secret (the one from Cobot)

After you created the application, please use the “plug” icon, to connect your Cobot installation with the SmartSpace backend.

When this was successful, the state will change and you can start the first synchronization manually. We’ll sync periodically nevertheless for you.

After the synchronisation, you will find all your Cobot plans and memberships in the SmartSpace backend.

Set up plan based access permissions

For setting up plan based access rights, you have the possibility to create “User group assignments”. This is the mapping between a plan at Cobot and one or many user group(s) in SmartSpace.

You are free to create as many assignments as you like. We’ll take care, that the access rights are kept in sync with the user group permissions.

Set up individual access permissions

To give you even more flexibility, you can also assign your Cobot members special user groups, by using the “custom fields” in the details of a user.

If you edit the custom fields of a member in Cobot, you see a field smart_spaces_access_additional_units. Here you can enter the “external identifier” of the user group at SmartSpaces. Depending on your setup this could be f.e. “Staff” or “Admin”. Multiple group names should be separated with a comma.

This feature needs to be enabled in the settings of your installation.

Automatic check-in

The check-in of members into your Cobot workspace is done automatically. You don’t need to do anything here.


We’ll synchronize the data at least once an hour. If you need faster changes, you are always free to resync manually.