Some of the Debug functionality might not work at the moment. We are working to bring them back as soon as possible.

The SDK provides a DebugActivity. You can use it for scanning bluetooth devices, see their details and open doors or gateways.

You can directly start the debug Acitivity this way.


In the Debug view you see some status information like

  • baseUrl
  • UserManager
  • User
  • UnitController
  • BleScanning
  • Number of units around you

You can also go to Units Scan Overview or IotDevices Overview.

Units Scan Overview

The Unit Scan Overview shows you all units (Gateways, Bluetooth) around you. You can use the options menu on the top right side to sort and filter for specific unit types.

When you click on one unit in the list you will see the details of that unit.

Clicking on the wifi / signal strength symbol in the top right corner will try to open a connection and open that unit.