Streamlined conversion feature on Android SDK 2.4

The latest Sensorberg Android SDK streamlines the conversion integrations. The main idea of this new API is that the SDK will not assume any state changes and gives the app developers the freedom to define the specific moment each conversion state should be changed.

This change also makes the Android SDK more in line with the behavior of the iOS SDK, that way unifying their presentation on the dashboard on

The new conversion API

The following static method have been added to SensorbergSdk class.

 * * Call this to let SDK know the Action conversion status changed
 * @param context            the callers context
 * @param actionInstanceUuid instance Uuid of the {@link com.sensorberg.sdk.action.Action} to update the status
 * @param conversion         the new conversion status
public static void notifyConversionStatus(Context context,
                                          String actionInstanceUuid,
                                          Conversion conversion);

The host app is responsible for calling this method on the appropriate moments. The previous ActionReceiver have been deprecated and removed from the SDK.

And that’s all!

Context is available from BroadcastReceiver and Activity, the UUID comes from Action.getInstanceUuid() and Conversion is a simple enum with 4 states:

  • NOTIFICATION_DISABLED - The host app wanted to show a notification, but the user disabled them.
  • ACTION_SUPPRESSED - The host app received the Action but decided not to act on it. This is useful case the action intention is to simply trigger some background sync on the app.
  • NOTIFICATION_SHOWN - The host app received the Action and shown a notification to the user.
  • SUCCESS - The user tapped on the notification. This status is usually updated from inside the host app activity.

Typical implementation

Add to the app BroadcastReceiver calls to notifyConversionStatus and add Action meta-data to the notification intent:

public class MyActionReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {
  public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {

    Action action = intent.getExtras().getParcelable(Action.INTENT_KEY);

    if (NotificationManagerCompat.from(context).areNotificationsEnabled()) {

      // Parse the Action and show notification
      ... create notification

      // add conversion meta-data to the intent
      intent.putExtra("conversion", action.getInstanceUuid());

      ... create PendingIntent and show notification

      // Notify the SDK
      SensorbergSdk.notifyConversionStatus(context, action.getInstanceUuid(), Conversion.NOTIFICATION_SHOWN);
  } else {
      SensorbergSdk.notifyConversionStatus(context, action.getInstanceUuid(), Conversion.NOTIFICATION_DISABLED);

Handle the action meta-data in the activity code:

  protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
      ... normal activity initialization


  protected void onNewIntent(Intent intent) {

  private void handleActionConversion(Intent intent) {
    String conversion = getIntent().getStringExtra("conversion");
    if (conversion != null) {
        SensorbergSdk.notifyConversionStatus(this, conversion, Conversion.SUCCESS);

Corresponding blogpost about conversions for iOS

Enjoy simple Conversions!